Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I went to my oncologist today and was told that my cancer is in remission, total remission!

It was a very emotional moment after a year of a very strange, but enlightening journey that took many turns but ended on a good note.

Next, I'll be having the surgery to removed the mediport and will be monitored for the next five years. I feel that God and early detection saved my life and I will be forever thankful!



Dave Sugarbeet said...

I'm so pleased for you my friend.

Lani Smith said...

I found your blog by a google search looking for a "LAC - life after cancer" countdown application to put on my facebook haha. My mother had her last radiation treatment yesterday, and her port removed this morning. We are in LAC+1. She was diagnosed 9 months ago, 1.5 months before my wedding. It has been a very hard 9 months for us, but I felt the need to reply and say that I am so happy for you that you have reached remission at the same stage. God really is amazing and throughly blesses those who trust in him. I hope you continue in remission, and God Bless.


Mike said...

Thank you Dave and Lani!